Kinarra Part 2 – Colonization

Kinarra was colonized in two phases. The first colonists flew to Kinarra in the traditional way, at the relativistic speeds of a starship traveling at almost the speed of light… or was it the speed of light? 😉 The mission of these colonists was to create a human sustaining civilization on the planet Kinarra, which is in the neighboring system to Talithia (more on that later). When the colonists got to Kinarra, it wasn’t as green as they had expected.

The colonists second mission was to build a Warp Gate near the planet so that the planet could be easily connected to the rest of the colonized Confederacy of Planets. In short, a Warp Gate is a man-made  wormhole that would allow starships to pass through one gate and leave through another. The Warp Gates are what allow commerce from each of the colonized worlds of the Confederacy to flow.

The trip between Telithia and Kinarra only took four years, but due to unforeseen complications, it took almost 150 years for the Warp Gate to be built, this was enough time for a distinct culture to manifest among Kinarrans.

The people of the original settlement would eventually become known as Mainland Kinarrans since they were all born under its surface and ultimately descendants of the original colonists. Any colonists who’s settle on Kinarra or in any of its orbiting space stations post Warp Gate completion would become known as Colonial Kinarrans. Even though the original settlements were able to manage themselves, the Colonials came and usurped the existing government, replacing it with one that was more in-line with the overall Confederacy of Planets.

With more trade coming to Kinarra through the Warp Gate, space stations were built in orbit of Kinarra: Kinarra-1, Kinarra-2, Kinarra-3, Kinarra-4, and at the time of IDENTITY Kinarra-5 is under construction. Most Colonials live in the space stations, but there are a few who live on Kinarra’s surface as governors, medical physicians, teachers, or businessmen. Very few Mainlanders live on the space stations. But more on this in a later post…

Note: I got the top picture from a website entitled “The Future,” where concept art has been posted of future scientific developments. And the wormhole picture I got from a place called The Living Moon where there is extensive wormhole discussion.


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