Introducing: IDENTITY a Jention Chronicles Novel

I have many ideas for stories and it’s often difficult to choose which story to focus on. Most of the stories are either science fiction or fantasy.

The novel I’m currently working on is Identity.

I first came up with the initial short story for Identity in December 2006. A little girl named Maya wakes up in a hospital, doesn’t know where she is, and finds out at the end that she was made into a cyborg. I submitted it for a contest and got my first official rejection letter. I put the story on the back burner for a while.

I’ve spent many years writing scenes and learning about my main characters of the Jention Chronicles: Jade Sen, Sapphire Sen, Xanthe Paine, Raine Dominic, Yuma Destiny, and Kioshi Udo. They varied in age, but all teens in various stages of development and education. I think I came up with my scenes when I was in college. Early 2000 may have been the earliest Jade Sen came into my consciousness to start Jention Chronicles.

For several years I worked on a book I called Bryga Project, which featured my four main characters Jade Sen, Xanthe Paine, Raine Dominic, and Yuma Destiny. But had a hard time completing it due to major plot holes and character weaknesses. It was some time in 2008 that I had the epiphany that the cyborg girl Maya, from my short story, should be the character Xanthe who played a significant role in my Jention Chronicles universe. There was something that just clicked when I made that realization. I continued to work on that story, now that I knew who all my characters were, I had to answer more global questions such as

  • What is Jerico? (The elite military of Kinarra)
  • What is MOFF? (An underground resistance movement demanding equal freedoms for Kinarran Mainlanders and Colonists.)
  • What is their relationship?
  • How does their conflict create problems for ordinary citizens?

My pursuit of the answers to these questions motivated me to expand each of my character’s stories. What are their individual experiences that led them to come together in the story I was writing.

Xanthe’s story was so intriguing and forced me to answer many of the questions I needed to have answered that in November of 2010 I decided that I would novelize Identity. Since then I’ve been answering questions such as ones posed here in order to build the details I need for Identity and other stories within the Jention Chronicles universe.
It’s been a long journey and I believe that I’ve only scratched the surface of the potential that the Jention Chronicles can offer.

I realize that this post is probably misplaced because you may not know entirely what everything I’m talking about means, but it will be explained in time. This just happened to be what was on my mind right now.

Thanks for reading…


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