The Clone Codes

The Clone CodesThe Clone Codes by The McKissacks

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The parallels the writers make between this society’s treatment of clones and our history of slavery is superb. The reader sympathizes with the plight of clones and I found myself rooting more and more for the main character – Thirteen-year-old Leanna. I thought Leanna was a convincing teen and I was captivated by her story and the potential of it.

The authors came up with interesting and realistic sounding technology and games for Leanna to be interested which helps convince the reader that she’s a typical teen.

There were educational chapters and adventurous chapters. I fear that the educational chapters may be a bit on the boring for younger readers, especially the anticlimactic ending. I personally wanted to know how Leanna’s story pans out, so I’m curious to know what happens in the 2nd book of the series.