I just finished an anime series on Netflix instant play called “Mushi-Shi”, of course it’s English dubbed, but I don’t mind. I really enjoyed it. It’s certainly for the type of person who is interested in Japanese folklore and mythology. To my opinion, that is this anime’s biggest attraction.

Mushi is an invisible form of life that lives all around us, it influences the world around us and we influence it. Sometimes mushi comes in the form of creatures and at other times it comes in the form of energy.

Ginko is the main character, he’s seriously lacking in any real character development, but he’s a kind person who wishes to understand the relationship between mushi, humans, and nature. He’s unassuming and truly wants to help people, really the ideal Japanese wondering traveler.

Each episode of this anime is self contained and shows a slightly different explanations to natural and supernatural things that happen in life. I’m not sure when the story is set, for the main character wears modern, western-style clothing where as all the other characters where traditional Japanese yukatas and kimonos. The music is magical and almost haunting, which fits the subject matter of the stories told.

Be prepared to explore boys who create real objects by drawing them, mushi that take over a blind person’s eyes then helps them see, mushi that allow people to come back to life, mushi that eats a person’s memories, and much more… If you are interested in short stories that are simply plot driven to understand what mushi is and how they effect the world around them then you may enjoy this anime.
Here are a couple places you can enjoy Mushi-shi yourself: Netflix Mushi-shi or Hulu Mushi-shi